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Sex Therapy &
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Whether you know it or not, you grew up with some beliefs about sex that are probably not working in your favor.

Many of my clients struggle with shame, guilt, and anxiety in sex, because they feel responsible for their partner’s sexual satisfaction. This feeling of responsibility is a trap that drags sex into the murky waters of “have to” and “should” rather than the much more pleasant expanse of “want to”. When this happens sex becomes a burden not a playground. And this is just one example. 

My approach helps clients understand the beliefs they bring to sex, how those beliefs affect their sexuality, and how their partner’s beliefs affect them as well. Together with my clients, we discover the original and underlying roots of problems like erectile dysfunction, negative body image, lack of desire, and infidelity. I take an actively sex positive method that challenges my clients’ unconstructive feelings and beliefs about sex that can cause problems.

With relationships, I take an emotionally focused approach to challenge and support partners in understanding their own and their partner’s unique sexual map. Whatever the problems that you might bring, we will find a path and make a plan.




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Areas of Practice


Sex Therapy

Sex and sexuality are important for many reasons – namely, you cannot escape your need to connect, and sex is one of the most powerful connection tools available to you. Sex therapy is a specific treatment that addresses a multitude of individual and relationship sexual issues.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling is designed to directly address problems within a specific kind of relationship: a romantic partnership. Relationships of all kinds can be difficult to establish and maintain. The human need to connect is powerful and of primary importance to our physical, mental, emotional, social, and sexual health.

Individual counseling

Often during the sex therapy and relationship counseling processes, we decide that individual counseling is needed before sex/relationship counseling can continue. Sometimes, when appropriate, I offer these individual services
to my clients.


There is no remedy for love but to love more.
— Henry David Thoreau


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