Sex Therapy

Sex and sexuality are important for many reasons – namely, you cannot escape your need to connect, and sex is one of the most powerful connection tools available to you.

Sex therapy is a specific treatment that addresses a multitude of individual and relationship sexual issues. Some examples of these issues include sexual dissatisfaction, pain during sex, feelings of anxiety, shame, and/or disgust during sex, infidelity, sexless marriages, and other issues.

Because sex is a primary human function, it can become a primary need. Sometimes that need remains unmet and repressed leading to general life dissatisfaction. Sometimes the sexual need is confused with other emotional needs, and clients use sex as a coping mechanism that can lead to sexual compulsion and intimacy problems. Both of these processes are equally problematic and can be addressed through competent and compassionate sex therapy.

The process of sex therapy is highly individualized to each client’s specific needs. If the issue is primarily physical, we can decide to address the issue with an array of cognitive-behavioral interventions. If the issue is primarily emotional, we may decide to engage more emotion-focused strategies. With couples, the treatment is also tailored to the couple’s specific needs in many of the same ways described above with the addition of a focus on communication, trust, and intimacy within the couple dyad.

Gay sex therapy is a relatively new field that has not been highly researched. I am well-equipped to address gay sex’s unique aspects and to help gay individuals and couples deal with those aspects in ways that promote healthy sexual relationships.