Workshops for General Audiences

An Integral Conceptualization of Sexual Identity Development
Sexual identity development is a complex and multifaceted process that is generally misunderstood and ignored. In this workshop, I offer participants an integral conceptualization of sexual identity development and the myriad influences on that process.

Conceptualizing the Intersection of LGBT Spiritual and Sexual Identities from an Integral Perspective
Because many LGBT have experienced discrimination and rejection from their spiritual/religious communities, helping LGBT people navigate their sexual and spiritual identities can be difficult. Ken Wilber’s Integral meta-theory offers individuals a unique, spiritual perspective to conceptualize and explain both sexual and spiritual identity development. Presenters will offer participants a developmental perspective from Wilber’s Integral theory that will better equip participants to address LGBT sexuality and spirituality.

Workshops for Mental Health Professionals

LGBT Competency in Counseling: Sexuality, Identity, and Heterosexism
The presenter of this three hour program will introduce mental health professionals to three general concepts that characterize the unique challenges many LGBT people present with in counseling: sexuality, identity, and heterosexism. Workshop attendees will be equipped with an awareness of how these constructs can represent challenges for LGBT clients along with concrete tools and ideas for how to address these concepts in individual counseling. This learning opportunity will include experiential components as well as didactic instruction to help attendees gain a personal awareness of the importance of these concepts in their own lives.

The Unique Needs of LGBT Clients
Multiple researchers have indicated that LGBT populations experience depression and anxiety and engage in substance-abuse behaviors more frequently than their straight counterparts. This workshop will inform attendees of recent research on LGBT mental health and offer attendees clinical principles to establish trust, tackle shame, and to confront internalized heterosexism with LGBT clients.

Corporate Consultation
I am equipped to work with a variety of agencies and businesses to deepen their understanding of LGBT issues in mental health and/or heterosexism and sexual harassment in the workplace. For more information about my consulting services, please contact me directly.