LGBT counseling

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) clients have unique needs in counseling that many therapists are ill-equipped to address. Many of my LGBT counseling clients come to me after trying many different mental health professionals who were either unfamiliar with LGBT-specific needs or, worse, were unwelcoming and rejecting.

Because of my education, training, and professional experience with Dallas area LGBT clients, I am uniquely equipped to address the different kinds of needs LGBT clients often hold.

For instance, sexual and/or gender identity developments are complex and important processes that all humans undergo; however, LGBT clients are forced to address these processes overtly and often with great anguish and hardship. In addition, LGBT clients often experience rejection and oppression from the broader culture and society that makes their lives harder in real and powerful ways.

To effectively address LGBT client concerns, mental health professionals must be intimately acquainted with three concepts: sexuality, identity development, and heterosexism/sexism. I have explicit knowledge of these three concepts through my training, education, experience, and research. My doctoral studies focused almost exclusively on these three topics, their intersection, and how to address them adequately in LGBT counseling.

If you are unsure of whether our expertise meets your individual needs, please contact my office for more information.